CG Models

I created a CGTrader account years ago. My first submissions were all free. I wanted a way to give back to a community that had help me learn Blender. And then one day I saw a post on the user forum. Someone was complaining because the models were under priced. They were seeing a drop off in sales and believed it was because more content was being offered for free or for a very low price. Continue reading “CG Models”

3″ Check Valve

I posted a 3″ Swing Check Valve on GrabCad today. Within a couple of hours, it got 6 likes and 3 downloads. And if you didn’t know…all downloads on GrabCad are free.

This valve is manufactured by KITZ. It has class 300 raised face flanges and the body is made from cast stainless steel. The face to face dimension is 12.5″.

The KITZ number is 300UOAM3 316SS GRAFOIL C.E.

The model does not have any internals. You can use it for system design.

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