3D Services

3D Printing

I am currently running 2 Prusa 3D printers and they are available to print your 3D model. You don’t need any experience. I will help you understand the process, your options, the costs and the limitations.

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Modeling for 3D Printing

Do you have a part that you would like to replicate? Maybe that part needs to be improved. Or maybe you just have an idea. Before you can print it, you’ll need a 3D model. I can turn your part or idea into a 3D model prepared either for marketing or 3D printing.

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Modeling for Photoreal Images

Not all modeling is the same. A model that goes to a 3D printer requires accuracy in geometry. Models for marketing need to look good. These models have similarities, but there are important differences. For instance, models for photoreal imaging needs textures with bumps and reflections

I can take your 3D models and prepare them for photoreal imaging, or take your 2D sketches and turn them into 3D models for printing or for imaging.

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Photogrammetry is process of converting photos into 3D geometry. You can think of it as photo scanning. A photo scanned part can be converted into a 3D model for 3D printing or added to photoreal rendered scene.

I can scan you parts and adapt it for your purposes.

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Photoreal Rendering

Photoreal rendering can be used to bring an idea idea to life or to create images that are difficult or impossible to do with traditional photography

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Product Animation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

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Let’s build something great together.

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