3″ Check Valve

I posted a 3″ Swing Check Valve on GrabCad today. Within a couple of hours, it got 6 likes and 3 downloads. And if you didn’t know…all downloads on GrabCad are free.

This valve is manufactured by KITZ. It has class 300 raised face flanges and the body is made from cast stainless steel. The face to face dimension is 12.5″.

The KITZ number is 300UOAM3 316SS GRAFOIL C.E.
Link: https://www.kitzus-kca.com/industrial-check-valves.php

The model does not have any internals. You can use it for system design.
Link: https://grabcad.com/library/3-flanged-check-vavle-1

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Bayonet Adapters

I am in the process of locating parts for building thermocouple (TC) probes.  The probes we used are held tight against the part with a spring loaded bayonet fitting. The fitting is comprised of two parts: the adapter and the cap.

The adapters are available at Amazon ($9.13), McMaster ($2.98) and AutomationDirect.com ($1.50).

A 2D Autocad drawing is available for download at AutomationDirect. I imported this drawing into SolidWorks 2017 and made a 3D model out of it. I also made different configuration to cover all the lengths that are available for purchase at AutomationDirect. Continue reading