Taming Blender 2.79 Units for 3D Printing

Here are my go to settings for Blender when I am modelling for a 3D Print

Imperial Settings

To design in inches and export an STL file at the proper scale:

  • In the Properties Panel, go to the Scene Tab.
  • In the Units section, Change the Units to “inches”, the length to “imperial” and the Unit Scale to 0.0254.
  • When you export your model as an STL file, set the scale to 25.4.

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ABS Juice, Glue and Slurry

MatterHackers has an DIY piece on how to mix and use ABS solutions: Use the ABS Juice for better bonding to the print surface, ABS Glue is a better alternative to super glue and hide those seams with ABS Slurry.

Update 4/24/2019 (WARNING): I got a part so stuck to the table that I damaged the coating on my Prusa I3 MK2 table.


Link: http://www.matterhackers.com/news/how-to-make-abs-juice-glue-and-slurry