13 Practical 3D Prints

When I tell someone I have a 3D print, nearly without exception, the first question I get is what do you print. It’s a valid question. Will you save money with a 3D printer? No, most likely not. Here is a list of some of the 3D prints I have around the house.

Water Bottle Carabiner Strap

I have a black lab that we take hiking. He has a cool little water bottle that comes with a snap-on drinking bowl. It came with a strap with a carabiner, and the strap broke. I replaced it with a new, thicker strap made from flexible filament.

Screw Driver Holders

Many of my prints are in my home shop. Here I made little pieces for my peg board. My screw drivers were always tipping over. These inserts are made to fit snuggly around the screw drivers so they stand up straight.

Sliding Glass Door Bracket

My sliding glass door was not installed properly by the builders. One of the brackets that holds the fixed door broke soon after we bought the house. I replaced it with stronger design…and one that catches less dust and dirt.

Spray Paint Can Holders

This is a 2-fer. On the right is the spray paint can holders. I downloaded this model from Thingiverse and printed them out. On the left is a cover I made for wires. My workbench has shelves at the back, and on top of the shelves is a wireless router…because I’m a geek. The wires were dangling and down the side, but when I added the spray paint cans, they were more noticeable and likely to get tangled. I made little pieces that could hold popsicle sticks as a cover for the wires.

3D Printer Tool Holders
A litter further down the bench is my tools to pry parts off the printer. The tool on the left slides into a groove. The tool on the right is held by magnets.


Exacto Knife Box

To cut the brim off of 3d prints, I have an Xacto knife. To keep my fingers safe from accident, I made a box.

Hinge Pin Repair

This print added life to my old barbecue. The door fell off when the hinge rusted out. I printed a part that holds the hinge pin and can be screwed to the steel that remains. I’ll be happy if I get another year out of it.

Light Switch Servo

My outdoor lights on the front of the house are turned on and off from the garage. To automate the light without any new wiring, I downloaded this print from Thingiverse. It holds a server that flips the switch. It is controlled by an Arduino nano and a real time clock board. It turns the light on one hour past sunset and tuns the light off one hour before sunrise.

Phone Stand

In the kitchen, I have a phone stand. There are so many to choose from on  Thingiverse. This one was modified to fit my Galaxy Note 4 ( may it rest in peace ), that was protected with an Otter box.

TriPod Phone Holder

I have a tripod with a quick release attachment. I made this phone holder for my old Galaxy Note. I’ll need a new one for my new phone.


My son has two cork boards on his walls. The frames did not sit flat. I made these bulletin board hangers to hold the boards flat and close to the wall.

Screw Boxes

And finally….

My wife and I were given some German chocolates from a student we hosted in an exchange program. The wooden box that the chocolates came in was too nice to throw away. I made some box to fit inside to organize some of my most used Imperial hardware.

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