Hotel Nightstand

With COVID-19 making a insane world crazier, I haven’t had to travel for work in a while. Almost a year after lock-downs, I had my first onsite trip to a power plant in western Pennsylvania. I worked the night shift and had nothing to do in my downtime. Even though modeling on a laptop is far from ideal, it’s better than watching daytime TV. So with a tape measure in hand, I modeled the nightstand, lamp and alarm clock.

The whole scene is available on CGTrader:

After redrawing this scene and posting it, I realized that I had already modeled the lamp and posted it on this blog. I have stayed in that same hotel many times. What sparked me to draw it again was learning about the loft function in the Loop Tools add on. It is a function I have never used before but had recently learned about from a YouTube tutorial.

When I saw the lamp, I said to myself, “There is a perfect place to use the loft and twist function.”

So I modeled it again without remembering that I already modeled it.

Here’s how the Loop Tool loft function works:

  1. Create a plane.
  2. Go into Edit mode (Tab) and copy the plane making it parallel but offset in the Z-Axis (Shift D, Z).
  3. Select all the vertices with “A”
  4. Right click in the 3D window while in edit mode.
  5. From the pop-up, chose Loop Tools – Loft
  6. In the Loft Option Box, add some segment and a twist value of “1”.

It’s interesting that the same lamp looks different. I spent more time on the bulb and the harp fitter on the first go-round. (The harp fitter is the frame that holds the lamp shade above the bulb). This time, I was more interested in the items that go with the lamp.

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