Charred Log

My photogrammetry skills are getting better thanks to some new equipment and a podcast that inspired me to invest in some new equipment. My first model armed with new knowledge and prototype equipment is a partially burned log from my fire pit.

For the last month, I have been working on a design for an automated photogrammetry turn table. The table is made from 3D printed components and uses an Arduino to rotate the table in small increments and then fire my Canon DSLR. The turn table is functional at this point, but I’m adding some additional features like a knob to control amount of rotation and a pause button.

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Blender Quick Tip – Photogrammetry Lighting

Photogrammetry scans already come with their own lighting. When using these scans in Blender, you can get a natural look and speeds up Blender with a few clicks.


  1. Put the 3D viewport into the solid mode. You can click the solid circle in the upper right corner or hit the “Z” key and then slide your mouse to the right.
  2. Click the shading option arrow next to the shading modes in the upper right corner
  3. The lighting default is “Studio”. Change it to “Flat”
  4. The color default is “Material”. Change it to “Texture”