Art Station Portfolio

I love ArtStation. The work on that site is incredible.

I made my first contribution today.  It is a 13.5″ Thrust Bearing. These thrust bearings are used in the fluid drives. My engineering duties require me to work with journal bearings and thrust bearings.

Kingsbury Thrust Bearing 640w

This bearing was modeled very closely to the Kingsbury style bearing. Go to for more technical information and purchasing. The pad outside diameter is 13.5″. The axial length is 2.75″.

This bearing can hold an axial load 35,000 lbs spinning at 3,600 RPM. The recommended oil supply at that speed is 25 gpm. The power loss is estimated to be 45 hp.

At 1,800 RPM, this bearing can hold an axial load of 31,000 lbs and requires an oil supply of 12 gpm. The powerloss at 1,800 is about 15 hp.

Download the Kingsbury Catalog.

This model is available for download at

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