Start/Stop Combo Button

I posted a start/stop button on CGTrader today. I was looking for something to model in low poly and I was inspired during a walk through our machine shop. The start/stop button on the bandsaw is a little detail that can be added to machine models.

Reference Photo

My idea was to model it buttons with details (hi-poly) and then again with no-details (lo-poly). Then bake the diffuse and normal maps from the hi-poly model to the lo-poly model. It didn’t work as suspected.

I ran into problems backing when the model went from rounded corners to sharp corners. In this photo, you can see that the sharp corners did not pick up the color.

Baked diffuse map

The solution is to add a simple bevel to the lo-poly model so that it better follows the high-poly model. I didn’t want to do this because my goal was to have extremely low vertex count. My quick solution was to save the baked map and then edit it in Photoshop.

Baked diffuse map after Photoshop

Here is the final model

This model is available on

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