Power Switch Model

A new model has been posted on CGTrader. It’s a rocker switch with power on and off markings. It was modeled in Blender 2.80, but it was rendered in the Blender 2.81. Then new version of blender has a noise removal node for the compositor. It works great.

Render 2.pngThe new noise removal node is not available in 2.80. Go to the Blender download page and scroll to the bottom.  Click the “Get Blender Experimental” button and download. You will get an compressed file. I created a new folder (c:\program files\blender\blender2.81) and extracted all the files there. Then just double click the blender.exe file to run.

To use the node, enable a few render passes that the node uses. Go to the View Panel and expand the Passes section. Enable the Normal Pass and the Diffuse Color Pass.


Go the Compositor and click “Use Nodes”. Add the Denoise node between the Render layer and the Composite output. Connect the DiffCol pass to the Albedo Denoise input. Connect the Normal pass to the Normal Denoise input.


Make sure you have the Cycles rendered selected (Eevee is the default) and render your image. For fast renders, set the number of samples low. Real low. The renders below have the samples set to 5. The top image is with the denoise node disabled. The image in the middle uses the standard Blender denoise found in the View panel. The bottom image uses the compositor node with the standard denoise option disabled.


When rendered at 1920-1080 and 5 samples, the render took 7.46 seconds. To get good quality with the standard denosie function, I needed to increase the samples to  150. This increased the render time to 155.95 seconds…and it still didn’t look as good. That’s a 95% performance enhancement. Wow!

This new function is a game changer.

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