Residential Oil Tank

My day job has me designing an oil recovery system for a hydraulic coupling. It’s a complex oil system that uses a residential oil tank. I was surprised to find little in the way of online resources for such a common architectural 3D asset.

So I spent a little extra personal time on this model. I modeled the tank in Blender 2.9. It’s a 275 gallon Granby vertical oil tank. It is available at CGTrader:

There are other accessories for the tank. Maybe I will model these at a later date.

Note that there are five 2″ ports on top. In an actual assembly in a house, there would be two 2″ pipes extending from the top of the tank. One of the pipes is a fill pipe. The other is a vent pipe. Both are usually routed to outside. One of the remaining holes has a float gauge in it.

My goal was to make a low poly model so there are some of details missing…like the discharge port on the bottom and the threads on the plugs.

The discharge port is for a 1/2″ pipe which supplies a burner. There should be an oil filter between the tank and the burner.

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